EMMMA-K (version 2) An Electronic Music Instrument


I made a presentation about this project at Maker Faire Rome 2020. See here: 
Maker Faire Rome 2020

Project Description

This is version 2 of an Electronic Music Instrument that produces MIDI streams over USB and can be used with any computer software that can handle USB MIDI. Please see the project description for the early proof of concept prototype here:

EMMMA-K Prototype.

Changes for Version 2 

This is still very much a work in progress however here are the major features that have been added or enhanced:

   - A 3D printed case has been designed for it making it a lot easier to build.
   - A graphical user interface has been created using the new M5StickC-Plus and a rotary encoder. The UI allows setting the scale, key and starting octave.
  - There is now an option to filter out adjacent key presses. This can be toggled on and off with a push button switch on the bottom of the case.
   - The touch keys are now made from bare hookup wire instead of brass. Insulated magnet wire can be used instead to help prevent damage from static discharge although I haven’t had any issues with that so far.
  - A second switch on the bottom is used to toggle pitch bending on and off. The orientation sensor for pitch bending is part of the M5StickC-Plus whereas before it was from a discarded drone controller (which is difficult to source and can be expensive). 
   - Total cost of the electronic components is approximately $100 US and all are readily available.

I said in my presentation that I would be uploading the source code for this project to Github but I have decided not to bother with that unless I get a few requests for it. If you would like a copy please contact me via my contact page and I will send it to you.

Contact Page