Maker Faire 2018

Here is an abstract of the presentation I made on May 19: 

MQTT, The Maker’s Swiss Army Knife

MQTT is used extensively in the Internet of Things to connect devices to each other both locally and across the Internet. I have used MQTT for a number of years for a somewhat different purpose which is to build systems of systems and also to extract data from and inject data into large software applications.

In this presentation I am going to show how I used MQTT to incrementally build a very effective and expandable home automation and monitoring system from legacy and modern components:

• 1990s vintage home alarm system (hacked), 

• Mister House lighting control on a Raspberry Pi with X10, Insteon and UPB devices,

• Temperature and heating system current sensors integrated with various ESP8266 boards,
• Local alarm system status monitor using a Wemos Lolin32 board with OLED display, 
• Remote system logging and display via,
• Temperature monitoring and alarms to mobile devices via Pushover, 
• Secure remote login via

There is reference information in my project descriptions: Projects

Here are some photos at the event: 

And here is a PDF copy of the presentation: 

Download Presentation PDF